Date Idea #324 – 12 Batman Themed Date Night Ideas

Date Idea #324 – 12 Batman Themed Date Night Ideas

The latest Batman movie starring Robert Pattinson & Zoƫ Kravitz is now out in theaters! Sure, you could watch a Batman movie for a date night, but why not have some more fun with it?

We have thought up a bunch of additional date ideas for you, based on some of the past characters in the Batman movie franchise. Pow!


BATMAN – Go to the zoo to see the bats, or watch the bats at a baseball game.

BRUCE WAYNE – Dress up like the rich and famous in fancy clothes and go to a nice romantic dinner.

CATWOMAN – Go to an animal shelter and play with the cats that are up for adoption.

HARLEY QUINN – Check out the epic motorcycles at a Harley-Davidson shop.

JOKER – Play several card games together using face cards, be sure to use the joker!

MR. FREEZE – Go get some ice cream together or plan an activity in the snow.

PENGUIN – Visit a local aquarium or zoo to see the penguins.

RIDDLER – Make a puzzle together, solve an escape room or do word puzzles.

ROBIN – Go bird watching or attend a local circus and watch the trapeze artists.

SCARECROW – Make plans to do a corn maze in the fall or eat food that has been stuffed.

TWO-FACE – Flip a coin throughout the night to decide your date/dinner plans.

ALFRED – Plan a night of service doing kind things for other people.

Enjoy your date night in Gotham City, just don’t forget where you parked the Batmobile.