Category: Sports

Date Idea #340 – Grab a racket and play a game of tennis

For this date idea you just need to grab a racket and go play some tennis together!

Date Idea #336 – Spend the afternoon together playing a round of golf

Let’s create a third group of people that try golfing for a date night!

Date Idea #288 – Dress warm and head to the slopes for night skiing

For this date night plan, be sure to bundle up and then enjoy the evening skiing or snowboarding together.

Date Idea #281 – Buy a season pass to somewhere fun for guaranteed date nights

For this date idea, we want you two to research, discuss and possibly purchase a season pass to somewhere fun!

Date Idea #275 – Cheer for your local High School basketball team

It’s winter basketball season, so it’s a great time to cheer on your local High School team by attending one of their games for a date night!

Date Idea #225 – Take a couples boxing class

Date Idea: Take a couples boxing class!

Date Idea #175 – Show your support and attend a High School Football Game

It’s date idea number 175! Root for your local home team and attend a High School Football Game!

Date Idea #173 – Cruise around a nearby park on roller blades

Strap on a pair of rollerblades and head off to the park for

Date Idea #158 – Keep your eye on the ball at a local soccer game

Check out the fancy footwork at a soccer game for an upcoming date night.

Date Idea #147 – Strike a post by taking a couples yoga class

It’s time for a yoga date night with your partner!

Date Idea #131 – Work together as you scale an indoor climbing wall

Indoor climbing is a fun way to get exercise and work together on a date night.

Date Idea #128 – Have fun in the sun while playing beach volleyball

Bump, set & spike your way to a fun date playing beach volleyball.

Date Idea #122 – Hit a bunch of baseballs in a batting cage

It’s time to have some fun and practice your swing on your date to the batting cages!

Date Idea #120 – Watch the mud fly at a local motocross event

Here’s a date idea your man is sure to enjoy — attend an exciting motocross event!

Date Idea #74 – Throw a perfect shot playing Frisbee golf

It’s starting to get warmer outside and time to play Frisbee golf on your next date!

Date Idea #72 – Grab a hot dog and watch a baseball game

It’s time to enjoy America’s National pastime and go to a baseball game for your date!

Date Idea #56 – Play a game of Pickleball

The outdoor game of Pickleball continues to gain popularity because it’s easy to learn and fun to play. It’s time to play Pickleball for an upcoming date activity.

Date Idea #37 – Spend a day on the slopes spring skiing

There is still some snow up in the mountains. Why not take advantage of it and go spring skiing together!

Date Idea #11 – Watch a hockey game

Need a cool date idea? How about hitting the ice and watching an action packed hockey game?