Category: Group

Date Idea #265 – Attend or host a New Year’s Eve party

For this date idea, get together with a bunch of friends and ring in the new year together. If you haven’t been invited to a party yet, then reach out to some of your friends and host your own party!

Date Idea #263 – Sing Christmas carols with a group of friends

Day 24 of 25 Christmas date ideas. Sing Christmas carols with a group of friends.

Date Idea #213 – Host a Halloween costume party with friends

Day 22 of 31 Halloween Date Ideas! Host

Date Idea #207 – Host a murder mystery group date

I chose the murder mystery group date because it is so fun to take on a character and play out the night with your significant other!

Date Idea #168 – Plan a fun double-date with another couple

It’s time to grab another couple and go on a double date!

Date Idea #91 – Have a couples board game night

Invite another couple over to your home next weekend for a couples board game night!

Date Idea #29 – Pot luck dinner with friends

It’s time to invite a few friends over to your home for a good old potluck dinner.

Date Idea #13 – Host a murder mystery dinner party

While enjoying dinner/treats with friends, you will go through a series of rounds to reveal information and gather clues to solve the murder. At the end of the night, reveal your guess and see who did it.

Date Idea #9 – Use your puzzle solving skills at the local escape room

Inside a themed escape room, you are generally given 1 hour to solve a series of puzzles and challenges. Finding clues and solving these challenges will allow you to escape the room before the timer runs out.