Date Idea #13 – Host a murder mystery dinner party

Date Idea #13 – Host a murder mystery dinner party

Have an evening your friends will never forget, when you host a murder mystery dinner party!

A murder has happened and you need to solve it. Who are the suspects? You and your friends.

While enjoying dinner/treats with friends, you will go through a series of rounds to reveal information and gather clues to solve the murder. At the end of the night, reveal your guess and see who did it.

This date idea takes some planning on your part, but it’s worth it.
1. Go to Amazon or local game store and search for “murder mystery party” – buy one.
2. When you have the kit, choose your friends and their characters.
3. Invite your friends to come and dress up as their character.
4. Have food ready the night of the party.
5. Follow the instructions in the package and enjoy your evening!

Having done these mystery parties many times, I can say it will be a night to remember.

Cost: $30 for the mystery kit, plus food