Category: Outdoor

Date Idea #382 – Paddleboarding

Our favorite summer date idea is to go paddleboarding!

Date Idea #381 – Full Moon Lift Ride

We always enjoy the full moon lift ride up at Sundance Mountain Resort.

Date Idea #380 – Romantic Hike

Quality Time Romantic Tip! Go on hike together! Hiking is one of my favorite things to do and find it so peaceful and also romantic.

Date Ideas #379 – Rent a paddle boat

Head to a nearby park and rent a paddle boat for a romantic stroll!

Date Idea #378 – Charcuterie board picnic

A “charcuterie board” is a selection of appetizers typically served on a wooden board or stone slab that features a selection of foods, especially cured meats, cheeses and crackers or bread.

Date Idea #375 – Go to a park and have pizza delivered to you

Here’s a fun date idea that is perfect for the summer… go to a park and have pizza delivered to you!

Date Idea #372 – Relax in your tube as your float down a calm river of water

Last weekend, my son and I enjoyed spending 2-hours together floating on a nearby river in tubes. Although my wife wasn’t able to join us this time, it still made me think that this would be an awesome date to do!

Date Idea #371 – Explore an old western mining or ghost town

We recently took a tour of an old gold mine, explored the old town, did a little shopping in the old shops, and had a great time.

Date Idea #370 – Leap into the air as you go bungee jumping

Do you love adrenaline or extreme dating? Have we got an idea for you. Jump into the air while you go bungee jumping together!

Date Idea #368 – Take a tour of walk across a large dam

There is something very impressive about a huge cement wall that holds up millions of gallons of water and it’s another free date idea you can do together!

Date Idea #367 – Grab the reins and go horseback riding

Grab the reins and go on a horseback riding date!

Date Idea #366 – Cool off from the hot sun at a waterslide park

As summer temperatures continue to rise, there is always a fun date you can do to cool off… spend the day at a waterslide park!

Date Idea #361 – Take a scenic boat or ferry ride together

Looking for a fun day date idea? We got one for you. Plan to take a scenic boat or ferry ride together.

Date Ideas #355 – Watch cars compete in a drag race at a nearby race track

You don’t have to be a race car fan to enjoy a date night at your local drag race event.

Date Idea #354 – Setup a tent in your backyard and watch a movie

As temperatures start to warm up, it’s time for a backyard dating experience. Here’s the steps to an unforgettable date night…

Date Idea #351 – Go to a playground and swing on the swings, play tag and hopscotch

It’s time to act like a kid again for your date and play on a playground, park or nearby schoolyard.

Date Idea #349 – Pick out and plant a tree in your yard or park

Earth Day was last week, but planting a tree together is something you can do on a day date anytime.

Date Idea #345 – Grab some binoculars and go bird watching

It’s time to grab some binoculars and go bird watching for your next day date!

Date Idea #340 – Grab a racket and play a game of tennis

For this date idea you just need to grab a racket and go play some tennis together!

Date Idea #339 – Visit a nearby park or pond and feed the ducks

It’s spring time and that means you can plan a fun and free date night feeding ducks at a pond or park!