Date Idea #380 – Romantic Hike

Date Idea #380 – Romantic Hike

We are sharing fun summer date ideas all week long. This date idea comes from our friends over at @romanceenhanced

“Quality Time Romantic Tip! Go on hike together! Hiking is one of my favorite things to do and find it so peaceful and also romantic.”

Great date idea Josie! Taking a walk/hike in the cool canyon air always feels good during the hot summer months. Doing this with your love is even better. No matter where you live, you find a place to take a hike (or even a walk) together to strengthen your relationship.

Cost: Free

We want to thank Josie with @romanceenhanced for coming up with this great date idea and including a photo of their previous hike. Follow her account for great tips on romance for your relationship and a great selection of romantic gifts.