Category: Long Distance

Date Idea #316 – Do a bake-off challenge

Our sixth and final LDR date idea this week is to do a bake-off challenge.

Date Idea #315 – Create matching profile pics or phone screens

Our fifth LDR date idea is to create matching profile pics or phone lock screens.

Date Idea #314 – Take turns reading book chapter to each other

Our fourth LDR date idea is to find a book that you are both interested in reading, then take turns reading book chapters to each other over the phone or screen share.

Date Idea #313 – Play one of these three question games

Our third LDR date idea is to play one of these question games to get to know each other better.

Date Idea #312 – Order a surprise meal at each other’s houses

Our second LDR date idea is to order a surprise meal to each other’s houses!

Date Idea #311 – LDR Date Idea: Explore an online museum via Zoom

Our first date idea is to explore an online museum together through screen share!

Week of Date Ideas for Long Distance Relationships

Each day this week we are going to be posting a fun and creative date idea for LDR couples to enjoy.