Date Idea #313 – Play one of these three question games

Date Idea #313 – Play one of these three question games

Every day this week we are sharing long distance relationship (LDR) dating ideas through a fun collaboration with @longdistancedateideas and @dateeveryweek

Our third LDR date idea is to play one of these question games to get to know each other better.

1. Play 20 Questions. Think of a noun (person, place or thing) and then have your partner ask you yes or no questions to narrow down what it could be. Can they guess the item in 20 questions or less? Then switch.

2. Try to fool the Akinator together. Go to the Akinator website ( and play the free game. It’s like 20 questions, but the wise Akinator will try to guess what is in your head. Can you stump him or does he know what you are thinking?

3. Ask each other Date Night Questions. The creative people at @datenightquestions have created a free deck of great relationship questions to ask each other. Just go to: on your phone and take turns asking and answering the questions you see.

This date idea is all about getting to know each other better through fun questions and deeper discussions. Learning about each other person and learning how to communicate will only strengthen your relationship for years to come.

Cost: Free

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