Date Idea #316 – Do a bake-off challenge

Date Idea #316 – Do a bake-off challenge

Every day this week we have been sharing long distance relationship (LDR) dating ideas through a fun collaboration with @longdistancedateideas and @dateeveryweek

Our sixth and final LDR date idea this week is to do a bake-off challenge.

Just because you are not in the same kitchen, doesn’t mean you still can’t have fun baking together. Here are the steps for this long distance date idea…

1. Find the same recipe online for something neither of you has made before.
2. Buy all of the ingredients ahead of time.
3. Set a timer, and see who has the best result!

Because you can’t taste each other’s recipes (and even if you could, you should just pick your own anyway), you have to judge the results on something other than taste. Judging on presentation is always a good way to go, who’s looks the best and would end up on the cover of a food magazine? Other things you can judge on is, who made the bigger mess in the kitchen or who made it the fastest?

This bake-off challenge especially works well for decorating cookies, cupcakes or a traditional cake. Who has the most creativity in their decorating skills? Have some fun with food on your LDR date night!

Cost: $10-$30 for food ingredients

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