Date Idea #315 – Create matching profile pics or phone screens

Date Idea #315 – Create matching profile pics or phone screens

Every day this week we are sharing long distance relationship (LDR) dating ideas through a fun collaboration with @longdistancedateideas and @dateeveryweek

Our fifth LDR date idea is to create matching profile pics or phone lock screens.

Being separated by a long distance makes photos and videos of each other priceless. Here are a few date ideas you can do together to bond together through your individual photos.

1. Create matching social media profile pictures. You can take a photo of you both individually and split it so each of you has one half of the photo on your side, or you could use matching avatars from a favorite TV show or movie.

2. Create a phone lock screen image. Using one or more photos of yourself, create an image that will become the lock screen image for your partner’s phone. Use photos, digital stickers, and flirty text to create this image. Once you are both done, send the image to each other and set it as your new background/lock screen on your phone.

3. Create a computer background image. Using the same concept as above, create a larger image that combines multiple photos of you. Once you have built this image, swap images and set this image as the background for your laptop/desktop computer.

4. Create a selfie cartoon version of your face. There are dozens of phone apps out there that will take a photo and turn it into a cartoon version. Just search for “toon face” in your app store to find them. Download the app(s) on your date, then create several fun cartoon versions of your photos. Once you have a few, share them with each other. They can be used for online avatars, contact photos, or just a fun photo you have of each other.

Each of these date ideas can help you connect over long distances by having more photos of each other in the places where you will see them the most.

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