Date Idea #91 – Have a couples board game night

Date Idea #91 – Have a couples board game night

Here’s another date idea from our friends @up.daters – Check them out to kick your date nights up a notch.

Invite another couple over to your home next weekend for a couples board game night!

Our family loves to play board games and so this is a date idea we frequently do with friends or just with each other. It’s a great way to have fun indoors and also it’s inexpensive. Here’s your date plan:

Step 1 – Invite one or more couples over for a game night.

Step 2 – Have them bring a few games and snacks to share.

Step 3 – Enjoy the night playing games, eating treats, and having a great time.

If you don’t own many board games, you can borrow them from friends or buy a new game that a local game store recommends. Roll the dice and have fun!

Cost: $10 for snacks plus game cost

Image credit: @up.daters