Date Idea #335 – Build something together as a couple

Date Idea #335 – Build something together as a couple

Today’s “Building Date Idea” comes to you from @awesome_marriage and @dateeveryweek

Build together. Pick something to work on together to build.

You can use something you have on hand, for example, to make a house of cards, or build with plastic or paper cups or any kind of blocks you have.

You can make it harder by challenging yourselves to build:
a. The tallest building you can.
b. The most intricate build you can.
c. The sturdiest building you can.

Additional building date ideas are:
1. Purchase and build a Lego set together, display it in your home.
2. Build a plastic model kit.
3. Make a birdhouse together for your yard.

Anytime you are working together on a project, will help you work on communication skills and can be a lot of fun. Look for opportunities to build things together as you strengthen your relationship.

Date Cost: Free to $25

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