Category: Indoor

Date Idea #12 – Build a jigsaw puzzle together

Building a jigsaw puzzle is a great way to have fun and work together to accomplish a common goal.

Puzzles come in a million varieties on just about any subject and skill level. You are sure to find one that matches your interest.

Date Idea #11 – Watch a hockey game

Need a cool date idea? How about hitting the ice and watching an action packed hockey game?

Date Idea #10 – Bake a cake together

Another great way to bond is by making things together in the kitchen. On your next date, why not bake a cake together? Everyone loves cake and frosting and decorating the cake is a lot of fun.

Date Idea #9 – Use your puzzle solving skills at the local escape room

Inside a themed escape room, you are generally given 1 hour to solve a series of puzzles and challenges. Finding clues and solving these challenges will allow you to escape the room before the timer runs out.

Date Idea #8 – Challenge each other on the go kart track

Go karting has really changed in the last few years. They now have fast electric go karts for indoor races and have competitive go karts that go up to 60 miles per hour.

Date Idea #6 – Play a favorite childhood board game together

Think back to your childhood and remember the games you might have played. Candyland, Chutes and Ladders, Sorry, Life, Hungry Hungry Hippos, just to name a few. Now go find one or more of those games and play it on your date.

Date Idea #5 – Heart-pounding game of Paintball

For those couples that want a little adventure, why not try a game of paintball? Team-up to take out the enemy in this exciting dating activity. You will find both indoor and outdoor paintball arenas in most cities around the country.

Date Idea #3 – Thrift store clothing photo shoot

Head on over to your local thrift store and come up with a theme/decade and find matching clothes.