Date Idea #240 – Make a Christmas countdown or advent calendar

Date Idea #240 – Make a Christmas countdown or advent calendar

Day 1 of 25 Christmas date ideas! We will be sharing a fun and creative date idea you can do this month to celebrate the Christmas season.

For our first date idea, we suggest making a Christmas countdown or advent calendar. Who doesn’t love getting a little surprise every day leading up to Christmas? No one! Here are a few ideas you can do for your countdown:

  1. You each write 12 reasons why you love each other on a piece of paper. Link them together in a paper chain and open one each day until Christmas.
  2. Purchase and wrap 12 small gifts for each other and alternate opening one each day. Keep things small like a favorite candy or chapstick to keep the cost down.
  3. Find 24 photos of you together and open/talk about the photo each day.
  4. Surprise your spouse/partner and make the entire calendar for them, so they open something each day (message, treat, or small gift)

NOTE: If 24 days is too much to do or you don’t have time this week to start, you can always do the 12 days of Christmas and start a little later in the month.

Enjoy a special note or surprise every day with this fun date idea! More date ideas coming all month long.

Cost: You decide