Date Idea #141 – Have an “Olympic Games” Theme Date Night

Date Idea #141 – Have an “Olympic Games” Theme Date Night

Go for the gold with this “Olympic Games” theme date night!

Get into the spirit of the Olympics on your upcoming date night by doing some of these fun suggested food & activities:

Food Ideas:
a. Eat something in the circular shape of Olympic Rings (ie onion rings, pizza, pancakes, crepes, pot pie or sushi).
b. Pick an international country and make some food from popular recipes from that country.
c. Visit a restaurant you haven’t been to before that serves international food.

Activity Ideas:
a. Compete against each other in various minute-to-win-it games.
b. Watch the prime time Olympics together. Make predictions on the winners.
c. Watch a movie based on past Olympic events (ie Miracle, Cool Runnings, Chariots of Fire, Personal Best, I Tonya or Foxcatcher)
d. Play a sport together that is an Olympic event in the games.
e. Pick a random country and learn more about it (Check out @destinationdatenights)
f. Lookup YouTube videos of greatest Olympic moments in history.

We hope you enjoy these Olympic activity/food ideas and have an amazing date!

Cost: Free activity plus food