Date Idea #103 – Build and plant a garden grow box

Date Idea #103 – Build and plant a garden grow box

On an upcoming date night start a mini garden in your yard or patio with a small garden grow box.

You don’t have to have a big yard to start growing healthy fruits and veggies. Just start small with a wooden grow box. They can sit on your patio or a corner of your yard. It’s not too late in the season to get started.

These garden boxes are usually 3-4 feet square and you will be amazed what you can grow in such a small area.


Step 1 – Determine which garden plants you want to grow and Google what you need to build a grow box.

Step 2 – Go to a home improvement store and buy the materials, starting soil and seeds/plants.

Step 3 – Build your grow box, fill with soil and plant your mini garden!

Cost: $30-90, depending on materials and plants you buy.

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