Date Idea #321 – Bake or share a pie for National Pi Day

Date Idea #321 – Bake or share a pie for National Pi Day

Today’s date is 3.14 otherwise known as “National Pi Day”. Celebrate today with your love by baking or eating a piece of pie!

Pi (3.1415926535…) is very important for calculations in math, engineering, construction, physics and space exploration. Many often consider pi the most important number in all of mathematics. Have some fun with this number for a date plan.

Baking together is always a fun n dating activity especially if you are making a sweet dessert together. Choose your favorite pie and make and bake it together.

Another date option is to head out to your favorite restaurant or grocery store and grab a piece of pie to enjoy.

Here’s some of the food deals available on National Pi Day (March 14):

  • 7-Eleven – Serving up large pizzas for the magical price of $3.14 on National Pi Day.
  • Blaze Pizza is offering 11-inch pizzas for… you guessed it…$3.14.
  • Potbelly Sandwich Shop – They are giving 314 Perks members a free chicken pot pie soup.
  • Boston Market – Grab yourself a Pot Pie for $3.14 at Boston Market on National Pi Day.

Date Cost: Under $10