Date Idea #149 – Grab a pair of dice and let chance decide your dinner plans

Date Idea #149 – Grab a pair of dice and let chance decide your dinner plans

Ready for a mystery dinner date? Grab a pair of dice and let them decide your date plans.

For this date, you are going to let the dice decide where you go and what you will have for dinner. Grab two 6-sided dice and get in your car. Follow these steps as you head off for dinner:

Step 1 – Roll 1 dice to determine what type of food you will have tonight. (1=American, 2=Mexican, 3=Italian, 4=Asian, 5=French, 6=Thai or other International food.)

Step 2 – Search for this type of food on Yelp, Trip Advisor or Google. Depending on how many results are found, roll 1 or 2 dice to determine which restaurant you will eat at. Count from the top down in the results list. (For example, if you rolled a five, pick the 5th restaurant on the list to eat at.)

Step 3 – Bring the dice into the restaurant with you. Roll the dice to pick an appetizer you will be sharing. Again, start form the top of the list. If you get to the bottom, go back up to the top and continue counting until you land on the number you rolled. Order that item.

Step 4 – Repeat step 3 for your main entree meal. You each get to roll for your own food (or roll for your partner’s food).

Step 5 – You can continue this process for the drink or dessert at the end of your meal.

Step 6 – Finally, roll both dice and that will be the dollars you leave for your tip. (For example, if you roll an 8, leave an $8.00 tip.)

This date idea gives you the chance to try new restaurants and food that you may never have tried. You can repeat this date idea over and over and you will never have the same date twice. Keep the dice in you car glovebox. Happy rolling!