Category: Games

Date Idea #82 – Setup an arena in your home and have a Nerf War

For this date, you are going to turn your house into a large arena and have a Nerf gun war.

Date Idea #80 – Create a memory match game by using your social media photos

Here is a fun indoor match game you can play on your date, which uses photos from your social media page.

Date Idea #74 – Throw a perfect shot playing Frisbee golf

It’s starting to get warmer outside and time to play Frisbee golf on your next date!

Date Idea #70 – Setup a water bottle bowling alley in your home

It’s time to have some fun at home by setting up an indoor bowling alley for your date.

Date Idea #65 – Play each other at a game of billiards

t’s time to hit that 8-ball in the corner pocket and play a game of pool for your date night.

Date Idea #59 – Have an old school video games competition

You don’t have to be a gamer to enjoy playing vintage video games together on your date.

Date Idea #51 – Play the two-player “Lost Cities” card game

Playing board games or card games is a great activity for a date. One card game my wife and I really enjoy playing is “Lost Cities” by Kosmos.

Date Idea #28 – Play a game of horseshoes

When was the last time you tried your luck at a game of horseshoes? This is a fun game for any age or skill level and is easy to learn.

Date Idea #12 – Build a jigsaw puzzle together

Building a jigsaw puzzle is a great way to have fun and work together to accomplish a common goal.

Puzzles come in a million varieties on just about any subject and skill level. You are sure to find one that matches your interest.