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Date Idea #5 – Heart-pounding game of Paintball

For those couples that want a little adventure, why not try a game of paintball? Team-up to take out the enemy in this exciting dating activity. You will find both indoor and outdoor paintball arenas in most cities around the country.

Date Idea #4 – Take a new car for a test drive

When you don’t have to find a new car, test driving cars can be a lot of fun! Check out a new SUV, car, truck or exotic sports car! Take it for a test drive, then talk about the features you like and dislike.

Date Idea #3 – Thrift store clothing photo shoot

Head on over to your local thrift store and come up with a theme/decade and find matching clothes.

Date Idea #2 – Build a snowman together

Build a snowman together. This is something you can do in your yard, a park or any flat area you see snow. It’s a great way to have fun doing something together in the cold.

Date Idea #1 – Explore a new neighborhood on a walk

Many people go on a walk or jog in their neighborhood. However, when was the last time you explored a totally different neighborhood together?

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