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Date Idea #285 – Have a movie marathon after choosing a favorite actor to watch

Pick an actor/actress you are a fan of, then have a movie marathon with shows with that actor in them.

Date Idea #284 – Bite into S’mores anywhere with this portable bonfire kit

Enjoy delicious S’mores on your date night with this portable S’mores date night kit!

Date Idea #283 – Create a huge Jello castle for the one you love

By a raise of hands, who wouldn’t love a huge castle made out of Jello that you could play in? Yes!!!

Date Idea #282 – Try one of these 9 winter date ideas…

Over the last year, we have shared hundreds of date ideas. Here is a quick recap of 9 fun date ideas you can do this winter together…

Date Idea #281 – Buy a season pass to somewhere fun for guaranteed date nights

For this date idea, we want you two to research, discuss and possibly purchase a season pass to somewhere fun!

Date Idea #280 – Discuss these 7 questions with your spouse about your finances

Juli and Thomas Hobby have put together these 7 great questions about finances that you two can discuss on an upcoming date night.

Date Idea #279 – Attend a model train event in your local town

All aboard! It’s time to escape into the miniature world of model trains for your date night!

Date Idea #278 – Make handmade candles at home

Today’s featured date idea is sure to warm you up and last for many winter months to come. You are going to stay indoors and make handmade candles with each other!

Date Idea #277 – Eat dessert first before the rest of your dinner

Today’s date idea is for you to order and eat your dessert, before you eat the rest of your meal!

Date Idea #276 – Watch a DVD in the back seat of your car

Today’s date idea is for you to take a drive and then stop somewhere to watch a movie in your car!

Date Idea #275 – Cheer for your local High School basketball team

It’s winter basketball season, so it’s a great time to cheer on your local High School team by attending one of their games for a date night!

Date Idea #274 – 25 Date ideas that start with the letter “A”

Here’s a list of 25 suggested date activities that all start with the letter “A” that will make an Awesome date night.

Date Idea #273 – Plan your whole date night around a letter in the alphabet

This post is not just about one date idea, but instead it’s about 26 date ideas… one for every letter in the alphabet!

Date Idea #272 – Rent a snowmobile and speed through the fresh powder

Do you live near snow and are looking for an awesome dating adventure? Look no further than renting a snowmobile for a half-day date!

Date Idea #271 – Have an indoor “day at the beach” date at home

Aloha! When it’s cold outside, bring the summer vibes into your home for a fun indoor beach date.

Date Idea #270 – Chat about these 7 questions to plan your 2022 date nights

It’s a new year that means it’s a great time to discuss your dating plans for the upcoming year!

Date Idea #269 – Plan a date activity your spouse/partner enjoys, but you don’t.

Plan a date activity your spouse/partner enjoys, but you don’t.

Date Idea #268 – Download and fill out these 2022 date night templates

Welcome to 2022! Now is the perfect time to put together a plan for your 2022 dating activities!

Date Idea #267 – Write down and discuss your 2022 personal goals

Happy New Year! It’s a new year and that means it’s time to set some goals you want to accomplish in 2022.

Date Idea #266 – Discuss these 5 questions about your 2021 date nights

We have written 5 questions for you to talk about on your next date night.